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Press Release



Notice is hereby given that the Elk Valley Rancheria, California (the “Tribe”) will conduct a public hearing on October 9, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. in the Community Center, 2332 Howland Hill Road, Crescent City, California, in order to discuss the Tribe’s application for funding under the Indian Community Development Block Grant Program (“ICDBG”) and to solicit citizen input on activities to be included in this application.  The ICDBG can be utilized to construct public facilities, construct or renovate homes, purchase land for new housing, or conduct economic development activities.

The focus of the grant will be to provide rehabilitation and much needed fire equipment to the Crescent City Fire Department located at 520 I Street, Crescent City, California 95531.

The Tribe is applying for the maximum grant, $605,000 for rehabilitation of public facilities. 

In the event that a Tribal member wishes to provide an opinion, but cannot make it to the forum, he/she should submit their opinions in writing via fax: (707) 465-2638 or email cstewart@elk-valley.com  to Crista Stewart, Director of Grants. 

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