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About The Rancheria's Human Resources Dept.
We believe every employee helps make Elk Valley Rancheria, California successful. Every employee represents EVR to customers and the public. Our customers are very important and nothing is more important than being courteous, friendly, prompt, and helpful to customers.

EVR believes that the work conditions, wages, and benefits it offers to its employees are competitive with those offered by other employers in the area.
Current Employment Opportunities

Elk Valley Rancheria

Accounting Clerk 1 Full Time C.W.E Summary: The accounting clerk position must complete the required responsibilities in accordance with the office procedures including but not limited to areas of bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and procurement; computes, classifies, records, and verifies numerical data for use in maintaining accounting records by performing but not limited to the following duties: compiles and sorts documents, such as invoices and checks, substantiating business transactions; verifies and posts details of business transactions, such as funds received and disbursed, and totals accounts to ledgers or computer spreadsheets and databases; audits invoices against purchase orders, researches discrepancies, and approves for payment; investigates problems that vendors or purchasing agents have with obtaining payment for bills; prepares vouchers, invoices, checks, account statements, reports, and other records, and reviews for accuracy; reconciles bank statements; compiles payroll data such as hours worked, sales or piecework, taxes, and insurance to be withheld, and employee identification number, from time sheets and other records; prepares computer input forms, enters data into computer files, or computes wages and deductions and posts to payroll records; and reviews wages computed and corrects errors to ensure accuracy of payroll; records changes affecting net wages such as exemptions, insurance coverage, and loan payments for each employee to update master payroll records. Education and/ or Experience: High school diploma or G.E.D with one year certificate from college or technical school; with four (4) to five (5) years related experience. Certifications, Licenses, Registrations: Must qualify for and maintain an Elk Valley Rancheria Gaming License. Native Americans receive preference in employment opportunities in accordance with Tribal law. Posted on 10/01/2014

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