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About The Rancheria Marketing Department
The marketing and promotions department of Elk Valley Rancheria, California is a fun and exciting area of the business. This department oversees any promotions going on within the businesses. Different on-sight entertainment is booked through this department as well tournaments, give-aways, etc. All of our venues are entertainment based from the Casino to the bowling alley so we continually strive to make them a fun atmosphere to spend time. We strive to keep our customer service standards well above what we ourselves would expect to receive.

The marketing department purchases all print as well as media for the Rancheria-owned businesses. We are continually working to improve and keep our current customer base. We also strive to keep in-house promotions going with our employees. The morale is an important issue and our employees are our front line people. We recognize and understand their importance to us as well.

The marketing department also books and coordinates events and social functions held at our facilities. Please feel free to contact us at any time and would be happy to help you.
Tsunami Lanes Bowing Center

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